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    I have the 32-bit to 64-bit

    mhumphri _

      I have the 32-bit version of Modeler V12 and I want to upgrade the computer to 64-bit.  Do I have to get a new upgrade to Monarch or will the 32-bit work.  Will this cost me anything or is it free. 

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          Paul Gonzales

          Hi Mike,


          Thank you for reaching out Datawatch Community. The dependency of Modeler's bit type will be the same with the MS Office bit type. If you are running a 64 bit MS Office, you should have a 64 bit Modeler version 12. 32 or 64 bit of MS Office for 32 bit of Modeler version 12.


          Based here on our records, you are entitled for a free upgrade, or if you choose to get the 64 bit of Modeler version 12. Just send us an email to support@datawatch.com and we will provide you the link for the installer.



          Paul Gonzales

          Datawatch Global Support