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    Monarch Pro V7 - 2 questions

    Terry Simpkins

      1)  Is it true that models created in V7 are not compatible with the current V12?  I have been told that all models must be at least updated/modified to run in V12.

      2)  We just discovered, during a network migration, that once our users are moved to the new network (domain) they can no longer access the server where the Monarch V7 license server is located.  The network security owners simply will not allow traffic through the firewall back to that server, non-negotiable.  So I need to move the Monarch V7 license server process to a new server sitting on the 'right' side of the firewall.  During some initial testing, I have been unsuccessful at this.  The server name & IP address must change, so a simple store/restore doesn't work.  Due to a pending month-end close and the point raised above in question #1, I don't have time to perform an upgrade from V7 to V12, I really need to just make the current version available on my new network.  Any ideas/suggestions?

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          Andrew Baldwin

          Hi Terry,


          Thank you for your questions.


          1) The models need to be saved with a new extension.  This process takes about 2 minutes and does not effect the functionality at all.


          2) V7 has not been supported in 10 years.


          Do you have a few minutes free to discuss?  I certainly appreciate your concerns about upgrading close to month-end.  However, this upgrade will be painless and we can support use in the new environment you have described.


          Please feel free to call me directly (978) 275 8315 or send me an email Andrew_baldwin@datawatch.com


          I look forward to working with you.