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    How to get Help from Datawatch?

    Paul White

      Greetings all!  My employer has recently started using Datawatch to monitor real-time information.  I seem to be getting different answers about how to get assistance building visualizations, connecting different data sources, etc etc..  We've had an on-site training to cover the basics, but now that we need assistance building extremely complex dashboards, I am unsure who to contact.  Does anybody know how Datawatch's support model works? 

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          Hi Paul,


          Thanks for reaching out! Datawatch has a wide variety of services and support options to assist in  building visualizations.  Your account rep will be reaching out shortly. If you have any other questions please feel free to message me directly at pat_wall@datawatch.com.





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            Andre Serpa


            My name is Andre Serpa and I run the professionals services team at Datawatch.  It is my understanding that we are actually on site providing a deeper level of training for your team next week and we will focus on Streambase and building visuals from the streaming data source.  If you would like to talk more about the plan for next week or possibly get some additional items on the agenda, please reach out to me at Andre_Serpa@datawatch.com




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              Paul White

              Thank you for the quick responses pwall & aserpa!  A few different people have now reached out to me via email including our account rep.  I suppose I should have clarified in my original post.  tonyruggieri has been great helping us with tech support type issues, but I still was a bit unsure where/who we ask for support with how to use the product.  Do we just feed these questions through our product rep, or the on-site trainer?  Both have responded now, but I wasn't sure what the easiest/official way is for the DW team to handle client questions.   Thanks for your quick replies!