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    Issues with Various Column Widths

    Janelle Coyle



      I'm attempting to modify a currently functioning model in order to scrape reports with various columns containing varying lengths of values. This model has been in use for several months and has functioned as desired except for various trapping issues. In the past, any experienced issues have been resolved by tweaking minor areas of the traps and templates. However, with continued company growth, it has become more difficult to deliver a guaranteed result due to multiple variables.


      The reports linked to this model utilize a large number of accounts, for which the Account names are a variety of lengths, spanning from one single character to 30 or so characters which wrap onto two lines of one column. These reports also can display various currencies (some columns with currency symbols, others without) and the various field values may be varied lengths of digits, up to about 20 characters. All reports which use this model always contain 9 columns and the widths are consistent when viewed in PDF form. However, when the PDF's are opened in Monarch, some columns are skewed left or right, causing an inconsistent functionality of the traps. I've even experienced the column headers being skewed to other areas of the report.


      When account names contain few characters, one single Detail template is able to scrape all values from the row. However, when account names have many characters and wrap to the second line, this functionality does not resolve the issue. I've attempted to create an Append template in order to grab the Account names, using the Advanced settings to direct the trap to continue downward until it encounters another trap. This is successful only for those Accounts with Account Names that are longer and wrap to two lines. However, with reports where the Account name is shorter, due to the fact that the columns are sometimes skewed (it is rather inconsistent), the Append template then grabs the Account Name and also a portion of the first column, causing the traps and calculations to malfunction.

      For example, based on the table outlined below, in the instance of the first row, a single Detail template will always scrape the entire line regardless of whether the columns are skewed and everything functions perfectly. However, in the instance of row 2, an Append template is used in order to correctly scrape the entire line. Both lengths of Accounts will be experienced when using these reports and therefore, this model. Are there any suggested resolutions to handle these scenarios and occurrences?

      AccountValue 1Value 2Value 3Value 4Value 5Value 6Value 7Value 8

      Longer Account

      Name Example



      I hope that my explanation is clear enough as I am unable to attach a picture (the option is grayed out).

      Please let me know if you need additional information in order to provide the appropriate feedback.


      Thank you in advance!