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    Need 35 Appends only got 20?

    biGdata _

      Hi Everyone -


      v 11.5.


      I have a .csv that has been delimited with a comma.


      It would be easy to set my detail at the bottom level and build 35 appends up to the top line, however only have 20 at my disposal.


      I need 35 columns.


      So basically its a report that has the headers in column 1 and delimited "," as such with the detail in column 2.


      The kicker is this model will be used by 100s of reports with varying data in column 2.


      Ideally as mentioned an append template per line and a floating trap for each.  Problem solved...not that easy.


      Any thoughts out there?


      If I built one large 30 line append template I can not use the floating trap on each trap line either.


      Example only:


      Account: 12345

      City: Halifax

      Address: 123456789 City Street


      but then statement 2:


      Account: 1234567890

      City: Hali

      Address: 123456789 City Street But maybe not



      So a floating trap is needed and the multi client region tool jsut doesnt let me column it right,


      Thanks all.