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    Document Date bug ? setup mistake ?

    Maddy Rasineni

      Hello Guys,


      Hope you are doing good.


      I have an issue with Datawatch server.


      I am running models on 2 different types of reports on datawatch server (without using automator). I am importing my mined data to a SQL server DB.


      In the Document Management Section, I am setting up the Document Types for both the reports, assigning Filing Tasks and Running processes.


      Under Document Types, when you edit a Document Type, this is my setup, for both report types.

                             1. Auto Name        -    [DOCTYPE]-[DOCDATE]

                             2. Report Name     -    [DOCTYPE]-[DOCDATE]

                             3. Document Date -    Index Value  ->   [ReportDate]       (Report Date is being mined from my reports using models).


      So for my 2 different reports, I have DocumentType1 and DocumentType2.


      Everything works fine, except one issue. For DocumentType1, the Document Date in SQL registers as the "Index Value", like I setup above. However, for DocumentType2 , this is not working. Instead of the "Index Value", it registers the "last modified date" of the file ( as shown in Windows).


      Both the report types have the same exact setup, except have different names for their corresponding Document Types. They use different models and filing tasks ofcourse.



      Would really appreciate any help.