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    Datatype mismatch issue

    Maddy Rasineni

      Hello Guys,


      I am creating a formula-based column RESULTCOL which looks like ,

      IF(IsAlpha(SUB_CODE)=1,VALUE_XL(LSplit([col1],2," ",1)),VALUE_XL([col1]))


      RESULTCOL is Numeric with 2 decimal places. When i create a summary in Monarch, I can see the decimal values.



      I upload this model into Datawatch server, create a Doc Type, Task  and run a process.  However, in the corresponding SQL table, where i get my mined data, RESULTCOL values are non-decimal. Somehow, the decimal values are being cut when I use my model in Datawatch Server even though the SQL table design shows RESULTCOL is of datatype decimal.


      Appreciate any help on this issue.