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    How to display Callout column values in Popup Details

    Rakesh Ojha



      In Datawatch 12.3. designer, How to display CALLOUTS column value  in popup while drag and drop the same column under details?

      Please note I'm using TimeSeries Neddle Graph visualization and Transformation is already taken care at DataTable level.



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          Theo Klemming

          Hi Rakesh


          When adding a column to the Callout shelf, it is supposed to produce a small label with the value inside.

          Anything you want do list in the Details popup, you drag to Details.

          If you want a column to show both as Callout labels and in the Details popup, you drag it to both places.


          Please note that the applicability of a column to the Callouts will depend on the structure of your data table.


          I am happy to provide additional information in case there is anything you would like to clarify.


          Best regards, Theo

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              Rakesh Ojha

              Hi Theo,

              Thanks! for your kind response.



              I'm trying to follow the same approach that you already mentioned.


              My requirement is to display some "Range Values" in both places; "Callout" as well as in "Popup Details". But in Popup, the values are not coming.



              I'm using the following approach for this:



              1. I've TimeSeries Data.


              2. At Data Table, I click over the on Transformation and marked ticked in all available Dimension objects, except the Dimension which I need to drag onto Callout (assume "Range")


              3. Using one of the TimeSeries Visulaization i.e. Time Series Needle Graph. Mapped all the Dimensions /Measures while dragged "Range" in both places Callout and Details Popup.



              Now, the Callout label is coming properly in the form of label against individual Needle graph but same value is not available in popup details. We get the Header name (Range) but value is empty.



              Please note, when we right click and COPY Data, that column value (Range) is also having empty values.


              May be because of that reason I was not selected that column at the time of transforming the TimeSeries Data (Point#3) but I think this is the only  way to handle Callout objects....

              when I select and marked tick over "Range" at the time of transformation, Datawatch, Does not allow me to drag that object under Callout.



              Also in Details, there is no extra predefined label to check over Callout Label .like

              Selected Height

              Selected Color

              Selected Reference Lines  etc



              Generally, in Details all available Shelves are visible and available with check option by default. But no such default option is available for CALLOUT.



              Please advise.