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    Getting Started

    Bob Wall

      I've used Monarch for years, but on last laptop update the company moved me to Datawatch Modeler. I can easily get to reports, apply models already built and create the tables, but am having difficulty in the new convoluted process to export the active table to the pre-designated folder as an Excel spreadsheet. Monarch was just 4 clicks and it was done to run the export. Any help?

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          MelaSarenas _

          Hi Bob,


          If you are exporting the table on the fly, you can just click Export tab and Create Export.  Here a dialog will give you what view you want to export and what file type.  Enter the file name of the export and click Run Export.


          Also, if you want to export this again then just click Add to Project and save the project.


          A relatively new feature of exports is that you can click on the export file name and it will open the exported file while in Monarch.


          Hope this helps,