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    Monarch Pro 10.5 including summary total in table view

    Mike Lawrence

      I need to include a sum total of line item detail from my Summary Window into my Table Window for exporting.  I have a listing of user barcodes and item amounts in my summary, and I need to include the sum value of those items in the table view.  Is this possible via a function?  For example, can I call my sum value from the Summary Window in a function in the Table View?


      Thank you!!!!


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          Steve Caiels

          Hi Mike,
          There is no table function for it, but you should be able to export the Summary and join it back in to the table as a lookup.


          The summary just needs two fields; Barcode as a key and amount as a measure.  It will be best to have barcode as a character field an export to csv using the option to enclose character fields in quotes.  This will ensure that the bar code field always maintain its data type which is essential for the lookup to work consistently.  If barcode is always numeric, then you will probably get away with any data type, but as a matter of standard practice, it’s something I always try to do. If you do this with a Project Export, you'll ensure consistency in terms of file name, format and location.


          You then just need to make sure that you export the summary and refresh the lookup in any given session to make sure you have the correct barcode totals.   You could mitigate the risk of looking up old values by including a report date or system date as part of the export and joining the lookup on both date and barcode fields.  If the dates don’t match, the lookup will return null values.


          This process can be automated on the desktop using Monarch, batch files or com automation.  Or it can be automated, verified and distributed in a secure, governed and scalable way using Automator.