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    Script Help with Exports

    samoore _


      I have a project that includes 50 accounts and is linked to a model with the same 50 accounts....I want to run this project everyday however not every account will have data within their report. The first line after the header will have nulls. How would I write a script that would only create the report and send the report that have data within it. If anyone could push me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.





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          MelaSarenas _

          Hi Scott,


          If you are using Automator or Datawatch Server, no need to create a script to check if your report has data or not.


          You can configure your project by going to Model & Verifications tab and click Model Verifications to display verification rules like "Unfiltered table should have at least one row" or "Following filter produces no rows" and then you can decide to choose either Continue or Stop the project if the verification rule is met.