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    Multiple total lines with different filters in Dasboard

    Pijush Chakraborty



      I would like to know if the following is possible in datawatch dashboard. So far I can't figure out a way.


      I have created a dashboard that has one activemq datatable. I need to add rows to the dashboard

      where each row needs to show totals from the datatable after applying a filter. Each row needs a

      different filter. Below is the schema of the dashboard.


      1 Datatable: activemq




      Row1: total1, total2, total3 (apply filter1 on the datatable)


      Row2: total1, total2, total3 (apply filter2 on the datatable)


      Row3: total1, total2, total3 (apply filter3 on the datatable)




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          Theo Klemming



          For the record, I am also posting the answer I provided over email in reply here.


          To apply different filters on different parts of a data set, you must use two or more data sources in one data table, and use the Union functionality to put the data sets together. Each data source should use its own parameter, which is exposed for control by the user via for example action controls in the dashboard.


          For the scenario you described later, where the user should be able to select what measure to display in the visualization, where in one case the choice of measure involves using a completely different data source, I recommend that you create a separate dashboard for each option, and add a set of buttons or links, identical on each dashboard, for navigating between them.