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    Where to post feedback?

    Patti Lucas

      I have been using a v12 trial and have noted some issues that I want to bring to someone's attention.  What is the best way to do that?  These are not critical problems, just observations from a long time user who is going to a new version.  Thanks.

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          Olly Bond

          Hello Patti,


          I think it would be helpful for everyone if you could post them here. There was an announcement in a recent webinar that Monarch v13 would ship by the end of June, and you might find that a lot of users' suggestions about v12's usability will be addressed in that.


          Best wishes,



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            Patti Lucas

            Here are just a few things I noted that are a pain:


            1.  Unable to set print equal to 1-page wide.  When I need my printout to fit on one page wide, I have to export and adjust print settings in Excel.


            2.  When viewing the Field List, I cannot resort in alpha order as opposed to database position order.  Sometimes I have 100+ fields and finding the one I want isn't quick.


            3.  In the Design screen for either Table or Summary, each time I accept the change just made it goes back to the View and I have to go back into the Design Screen.  I would prefer to stay in Design mode until I finish.  Often I am adding, changing or reviewing filters, calculated fields, data source, etc. at the same time.


            4.  Drill Up or Drill Down doesn't stay on the selected summary.  Each time I have to recheck the summary and let the screen refresh.  When I am drilling up or down several levels lot of extra clicks are required each time.


            If anyone knows how to do these things and I am just missing something, please chime in!  Thanks.

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                Marianna Romero

                Hi Patti,


                About the third item (on Design view):


                In Table Design for instance, you need not click on Accept after each update. You may edit the formula for a Filter, and then just click on Apply in the Expression area; or when editing, say, Field Properties (where there is no Apply button), you can just click on another field to commit the changes. You can then edit other Filters, add Fields, and so forth, and just click on Accept only when you're done working in Design view.


                This is also true for Summary Design and Report Design.

                Here's a short video on the Report Design view to illustrate further (at about 00:55 if you're pressed for time) - https://community.datawatch.com/videos/1364


                Hope this helps!