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    "Maximum Record Length Exceeded" While Creating or Adjusting a Template

    Janelle Coyle



      I've been experiencing the error message "Maximum Record Length Exceeded" quite often when adjusting models recently. I've been using Monarch for several months and have rarely seen the error until now. It seems almost any time I try to either make a change to an existing Template or create a brand new one, when defining the fields, the error message displays before I can even indicate the field length. I've worked with various model files, conducting the same exact process steps prior to this when this error did not display so I'm not sure what changed to cause it to start happening?


      I've also experienced multiple occurrences of the application sending Error Reports regarding my activity, which happens to be exactly when I'm observing the error message explained above.


      Any and all helpful feedback is greatly appreciated! Some of the models I'm working on are rather time-sensitive as well so a swift response would be even more greatly appreciated.


      Thank you,

      Janelle Coyle


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          Olly Bond

          Hello Janelle,


          Monarch lets you muck around with data really nicely, but under the hood, it's storing it all for you as an Access database. That basically limits each row of the main table to 254 fields, with a total data length of 4000 characters. Each numeric field takes 18 characters. If you have Memo fields these don't count towards the limit, Character fields are limited to 254.


          Monarch v12 scales this up - it uses a local SQL database, which allows 512 fields. I haven't checked if the overall total field width has increased - I'm sure that Pat Wall, the Community Manager, can help with the technical references if needed.


          The overall data size of the table is basically limited to 2GB, unless you scale up to the server version of Monarch and connect to a proper SQL Server. That's not a limit that Datawatch have imposed for fun - that's a Microsoft thing.


          So, in short, try converting some Character fields to Memo, try not trapping so much white space, try running Table Verify to trim down big fields that don't need to be big, get rid of fields you don't need, and you should be OK.


          Hope this helps,



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              Janelle Coyle

              Hi Olly,


              Thank you for your swift and detailed response.


              From what I understand from your response to my questions, I believe that it would be expected to receive the error message once I've completed applying traps and defining fields within a template. However, I was experiencing the error before I was even permitted to define any fields at all. For example, I merely added a Blank, Non-Blank and a few Decimals throughout the sample line in order to trap particular records. As I attempted to define the very first field, I highlighted the first "Account" within the sample line (which highlighted in blue rather than green) and I received the error message, preventing the Field Properties window from even opening. I was unable to get to that screen in order to indicate the Field Type and the Template Width, which is where I believe one would implement the changes you recommended in your answer to my initial post.

              I tried to attach a picture that would illustrate the issue I was experiencing a bit more but for some reason that option is disabled for me on this discussion post (maybe a glitch?).


              As I was attempting to post this response, I decided to try one last ditch effort by deleting the Detail Template completely and creating a brand new one, which ended up working. I think it may have been a "freak incident" of sorts rather than an explainable occurrence. I'm hoping that maybe by posting these details, another who experiences the same issue may find a resolution to it or at least solice in the inevitable unpredictability of technology.


              Also, I'm not sure of the difference between versions but I'm currently using v. if that helps bring light to the situation at all.


              Thank you!