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    Problem with calculating fields in Monarch 11

    Stephanie Warren

      I am using Monarch and am having an issue...  I have several fields based on sales that we have done... for instance Manufacturer, New-Used, BW-Color.  Each of these fields are single digits fields.  I create a calculated field to create a two digit field that combines manufacturer and new-used...  I am then creating a summary based off of this new calculated field.  Here is the problem...  for the first few reps, it gives me an account sum on the units for that field, and then it just gives all zeros, even though there should be counts.  Anyone have this same problem?

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          Olly Bond

          Hello Stephanie,


          11.0 doesn't sound promising - there were issues with that one and you would be better off getting a more recent version. If you are stuck (not having maintenance, not having IT on your side, needing desktop automation and not wanting to go beyond 11.4) then you can probably overcome the issue, by breaking down the task into chunks that 11.0 can manage.


          So before you create the summary, I'd suggest exporting the filtered table to a local Access database, then opening this up in a new project, and applying the summary to that.


          Best wishes,