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    Timeseries datatable on non-timeseries visualization

    Wing Hang Chan

      Is there a way to visualize a timeseries datatable using a non-timeseries visualization, that represents all the data (as opposed to the current point-in-time/snapshot view)?  We come across a lot of use cases where we want to show both a timeseries chart and non-timeseries summary visualization on the same dataset, but ended up creating two datatables pointing to the same underlying dataset.



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          Time series data can be represented in non-TS visuals and the result will be one time slice.  There is a Portfolio Performance workbook that ships with designer that would be a good reference point for this.  Hope this helps.



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            Theo Klemming

            Creating 2 datatables, where one is transformed for timeseries and one is not, is the only way of solving this. The suggested practical method for this is to create a table that is NOT timeseries tranformed, then rename it and Save As New (in release 12.6) or Duplicate the data table (in release 13.0). Then, you apply a time series transform on the "duplicate". Also, it can be practical to use a naming convention on the data table that signals the two data tables are loading the same data, for example:


            MyTable_TS (TS for timeseries)