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    Monarch Pro 10.5 - Need help please

    BrandyNCB _

      I need to append 2 fields to the template (Deferred Accrued Interest-B & Deferred Accrued Interest-P). These fields are not present on all records and can be found on lines 10 through 14 depending on the record. Also, they are not always in the same place on that row. I tried to use the advanced field properties to tell it when to start (Preceding string:) but it did not work properly. I will love you forever if you can help me with this one. THANKS!!! Example below.

      Record #1

      NP Date 06/04/2012 Deferred Accrued Interest-B: -25,285.55 /P: 23,046.41


      NP Date 10/01/2009 Deferred Accrued Interest-B: 0.00 /P: 0.00


      NP Date  Deferred Accrued Interest-B: -27,604.82 /P: 21,364.16

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          Olly Bond

          Hello Brandy,


          The sample doesn't come through clearly in these new forums - very frustrating as the PRE tags in the old forums were so helpful. But if you email the data to us we can take a look. Generally, we charge a small fee for building models, but I'll check with Grant whether your offer of eternal love could work.


          Best wishes,



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              BrandyNCB _


              Your generosity is legendary around these parts.


              I appreciate any bones you can throw my way. I have the detail template

              and append templates pulling most of what I need... except the lines in

              the red boxes. I cannot figure it out and its driving me bananas.


              Here is a screenshot of the report with my model pulled up. It is loan

              data so I blacked out personal data. The other data works because it is

              always in the same place. But for some stupid reason the line that houses

              these two data points varies by record.


              And yes. My undying love and affections will be yours (along with a heap

              of gratitude).