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    How to create an export job that uploads to an SQL server DB?

    Beverly Wallrauch

      I am new to Datawatch Modeler and Automator and am trying to figure out how to direct the results of an Export to an SQL Server DB. We have Automator version 12.2. I created the model on my desktop software and was told that I would need to go to the server to direct it to the MS SQL server tables which I did, however I don't see a facility to be able to do that. Any hints would be greatly appreciated!

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          Olly Bond

          Hello Beverly,


          (I love your avatar, BTW)


          You've been told right - desktop Monarch/Modeler has never been able to write out to OLEdb. DataPump/Automator can do this, by editing the project export.


          However, with 12.2, I think you're in the version where it can work from desktop XPRJ or DPRJ files edited with Monarch/Modeler, but you can't edit the exports unless you upload the projects for the process into the Digital Object Repository.


          Once they're in there, defining OLEdb exports should be OK.


          There's a forum here for Automator admins, managed by Pat Wall, the Community Manager, and Rami Chahine, who's in charge of the development of Automator, and I'm sure they'd be both glad to reach out to you to invite you to join that forum, and to give you some direct help with the Digital Object Repository.


          There is a new version of Automator coming, I believe, in a month or so, that will make managing projects and exports a lot easier.


          Best wishes,