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    Recognising capital letters

    Peter Matten

      Hello everyone. This is my first time here. Please can anyone help me? I am using Monarch 9.01. To make a column I need in a table I am using an external lookup, matching a customer number from my report to a customer number in a table to give me the result I want (Sales area). My customer numbers on my main frame are case sensitive. I therefore have a customer number Farms001 and FarmS001. Monarch doesn't appear to differentiate between the two and therefore my customer FarmS001 ends up in the same area as Farms001, even though they are different. Can anybody please tell me if how to fix this, if possible?


      Kind regards, Peter

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          Olly Bond

          Hello Peter,


          Thanks for reaching out by mail as well. You can do this - a little hack using the ASC() function will overcome this, though as Grant says, you'll need to do this on both data sets. As ever, Monarch Experts can build the model for you for a modest fee.


          Best wishes,