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    Datawatch Analyst

    Rachana Rajaiahgari



      We started using Datawatch Modeller to model our Text reports. We are able to export these reports only in the format of tables to the business users through data watch modeller. I heard somewhere that there is separate tool called as Datawatch Analyst which helps in viewing the reports. Is it true?


      Is there a another product called as datawatch analyst to view the automated and modelled reports.


      Please let me know.




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          Olly Bond

          Hello Rachana,


          It's not called Analyst (at least, not at the time of writing this, but perhaps the marketing wizards are planning to rebrand it) - it's called Designer.


          Datawatch Designer is a tool to create dashboards which let you analyse your data through vizualisations. It's very strong at working with real time data feeds, and used widely in the financial markets.


          Both products are included in Datawatch Desktop - if you have Modeler installed on your PC, have a look in Programs for Datawatch Designer as it might be there. Datawatch Server also includes both products.


          Hope this helps,