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    Command Line /rpt parameter not working

    Stephen _

      I've been using Monarch for many years (Pro 9.01, upgrading to new version 12 soon) and finally found info on the command line - need to automate exports so other users can take over processing.


      Command line /rpt parameter does not seem to be working:


      setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion

      (set report=)

      for %%i in "\\REPORTER2\CARE Download\State Hospital Data from HC020030\*.TXT" do (set report="%%i")

      "C:\Program Files (x86)\Monarch\Program\Monarch.exe" /prj:"\\REPORTER2\CARE Download\State Hospital Data from HC020030\HC020030_ADMISSIONS.xprj" /rpt:%report% /pxall



      I need to pass a new report name each day, because the filenames contain the run date in the form YYYYMMDD, and the files are archived after they have been processed.


      Any hints?