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    Default Print Settings (Report Design) - Datawatch 12

    Alex Fliegel



      I am having some issues using the print function in Report Design. I love to use the report index feature to zero in on information and easily print it out.The default setting to print is set at portrait (I would like landscape), and when I go into print preview it sets me up with a preview at 11x17 paper!


      Main question - does anyone know how to rearrange my default settings so I can automatically print a page in landscape position on normal size letter paper? (8x11) I have tried to refer to the Datawatch Learning Guide as well as the help menu and neither gives any in depth guides on how to arrange these settings.


      Secondary question - Is there a way to highlight information in the report design interface and 'print selection' when printing? After highlighting detail in report design and attempting to print, the print selection option is grayed out.


      Thank you!