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    We’re Bringing Monarch Back!!!!!

      We’re Bringing Monarch Back …



      Monarch, the original data preparation product for PDFs, text, and a host of other multi-structured data, is once again available from Datawatch. And because you have been part of the Datawatch family we’d like to offer you significant pricing incentives until March 31, 2015.

      You can also take advantage of recently added functionality now available free in the latest release of Monarch that will be an additional cost in the next major release – specifically the new redaction capabilities that allow you to remove or obscure sensitive information in a data set, e.g., credit card number, national ID numbers.



      To learn more about this limited time offer call + 800-445-3311 (press 1 for Sales) to speak with a Datawatch representative or click the link below.



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          Dirk Schulze

          Pat -


          What does "bringing back Monarch" mean?  Bringing back the name?  Or is this somehow different from Modeler?

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            Wes Stewart

            Since you are bringing back the name why don't you really jump all in and bring back the way the program worked in 10.5  You know fast and easy to use?


            Oh and going binary with models and projects is the absolute deal killer.  I use a text editor every year to find and replace a entire set of models and projects for the new year's reporting.  In 30 seconds I can update 100 models and projects.  Binary files will take me a day at least

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                Olly Bond

                Hello Wes,


                Going binary would not be a problem if there was a Utility that would help you manage large collections of models and projects. And that means a desktop tool that can browse local and shared drives, and connect to the Digital Object Repository on the server if you run Automator, and let you see and edit paths, filter values, export names - all the things that we need.


                Quite how hard it seems to be to get Datawatch to understand how users use their products does surprise me. Perhaps if they'd had a user conference since 2008 they would have a clearer idea.


                Best wishes,



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                    In my opinion, going from xml/text to binary cannot be overstated negatively.  We've made the decision to go ahead and change everything to dprj/dmod now, because there are scenarios that you could easily get burned with Automator.   

                    We had developed several models to parse out a dump of all of our models/projects to help us manage our models and projects. We could determine which users got what email reports, which ones used PDF as input vs text vs a database.  We didn't need to maintain a separate database documenting our production projects and modesl, because we could parse the xml easily enough and build one strait from the source. Now we might have to spend more time documenting.


                    We are changing all of our files to write to the newer Microsoft Office extensions.  That would have been a 2 minute change with the xprj formats.  With dmod, we need to open up each project, and make several clicks before we can make the change. With almost 700 production projects, we're looking at 25-50 hours of very monotonous work.


                    Thanks for bringing this up Wes. There's so much that bugs me that I don't even realize until someone else points it out.

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                  Randy Hinz

                  Thank you.  It is a wonderful product to use, and I want to see it remain available to new users.  I will continue to use it, and to promote it when people ask how I am easily and reliably doing data extractions from old ERP software reports.


                  Randy Hinz