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    Monarch v11 - Fields not always in same row

    Ben Anderson

      So, I am new to Monarch and most of my learning has been self-taught. But I am having an issue with Monarch v11 and I hope there is a solution for this.


      Here is the situation:


      Every month we get multiple PDF files from different clients for invoicing purposes. Each PDF file can range from a single page to several thousand pages. Using a model and an Access form we have a process that pulls all the relevant data out into either an Excel or Access format for review later.


      Right now we have several PDF files from the same client, however the data is not always in the exact place. This varies even from page to page within the same PDF file. For instance, the field CUSTOMER NAME may be in row 7 on pages 1-4 of the PDF and then it moves to row 10 for the next page and then to row 6 for the following page. The field is usually in the same place in the column, but not the same row (if that makes any sense.


      Is there a way to work around this using a model so that Monarch looks for the field no matter what row it is in?


      Any help or advice would be appreciated.



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          Olly Bond

          Hello Ben,


          If you are grabbing everything in a multiple line template, then you can sometimes handle this using Advanced Field Properties - with the relevant field captured based on a preceding string in the same or the previous line. Or you can use Appends and Footers and make sure these are Cleared By the Detail.


          There's nothing that can be modelled - and if you need it done over the weekend then there are some experts who can help for a modest fee.


          All the best,



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            Lovely Gonzaga

            Hi Ben,


            If you may, please send the reports to support@datawatch.com and the Datawatch Support Team can open a ticket for you. We will try to replicate the issue and suggest possible solutions. Also, we have the Professional Services Team that can create the entire model for you.





            Lovely Gonzaga

            Support Supervisor

            Datawatch Corp