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    Working with PDFs in Monarch 9 Pro

    Domenick James

      I'm using Monarch 9 Pro. I've used this with PDFs years ago, but now, with a new project, I am not able to open PDFs ("Invalid PDF Document"). I'm assuming that PDFs created with newer versions of Acrobat (Using Acrobat X) are not compatible with this older version of Monarch?


      If this is indeed the case, how should I render my PDF so that Monarch 9 can read it? If not, what could be causing this error? (If this is not a known issue, I can post back with the exact error message being generated.)





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          Olly Bond

          Hello Dom,


          If you open your PDF in Acrobat Reader, and look at File > Properties (I think), it should tell you the details of the version of the PDF standard that has been used to create the PDF, like PDF 1.0 or PDFa 1.1.... It should also tell you the tool used to create the PDF - e.g. Acrobat Distiller 1.4, or AmyuniPDFPrinter 2.3.


          Check that the version of the PDF and the PDF creator are both as old as version 9 of Monarch - which was released in 2006, I think. If you are using PDFs that are created to a more recent standard, it's unlikely that v9 is going to cope.


          It's worth downloading the free trial of Datawatch Modeller (it's part of the Datawatch Desktop package on their website) to test whether v12.4 can cope with your PDF. Or you can email the PDF to us at Monarch Experts and we can test it for you.


          The only other thing to check is that you can open the PDF in Acrobat Reader and select all the text and copy and paste it into Notepad.


          Best wishes,