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    How to change the source file location in a project


      I have projects and models built where the source file is located in a specific folder (such as C:\JOHNS DOC) and I would like to change the source location (eg to a dropbox folder) but I don't want to have to re-build all of the exports.  Is there a way to change the source location without re-doing the entire project or mode

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          Olly Bond

          Hello John,


          Yes, you can do this in Monarch Utility - as long as you are still working with xmod and xprj files. MonarchU.exe should be installed somewhere with the monarch.exe, run it and select the "Manage external references in models and projects" option.


          If you've switched to dmod and dprj files, there's still no Utility available for v12 despite it being launched over a year ago. I'm surprised that something so straightforward seems to be taking so long.


          One tiny bug that might still be there in the old Utility - if you have a project that opens multiple reports, say ClassJan.prn, ClassFeb.prn, and ClassMar.prn - then when you make a bulk change in Utility to these, the change will only be committed to the first report and not the others.


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            John Edison Hernandez

            Hi John,


            This is John Hernandez one of the Technical Support in Datawatch. We can help on this one as long as you can send the files involve such as report, model and project, along with the path location. You can email support@datawatch.com


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