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    Import the pdf documents from website for modelling

    Venkata Ramana Paidi

      Hi ,


      We need some information on Datawatch modeler/automater.


      • How can DataWacth can download a document directly from a third party website? e.g. World Bank, other international authorities…

      Standard process is manually download  document from the website into a ftp or server or desktop, then DataWatch Automator starts its job

      • Following point above, how DataWatch can identify if the downloaded document has been updated by the third party website? E.g. if World Bank publish a revised version and notification for changes.
      • Same as above, when a new document is published, can DataWatch download automatically the document at a certain period of time?
      • Standard transformation process is done directly in DataWatch Automator using built in functionality of modeler. What if clinet has its own mapping table/template and want to use it with the extracted pdf document.


      Please help me about above points.


      Thanks & Regards,


        • Re: Import the pdf documents from website for modelling
          Olly Bond

          Hello Ramana,


          I think you work for a certified Datawatch partner? Have you received any product training on Automator? I think it might be an idea to have a work with your partner manager at Datawatch and try and get something organised.


          Automator can (if you give the service account the credentials) access web resources like Modeler can and retrieve files via http, or https. You can also script Automator to run an ftp or sftp script before executing the process.


          Processes can be scheduled. If you want to run a null process that just fetches the document and then passes it to a third party application, just use an input distribution.


          Best wishes,