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    Append Data

    djbeam _


      Historically most of the models I have used only required the DETAIL template to be defined .. and the occasional one that needed more (using APPEND) seemed to work ...


      Now in V12 I am using the same thought process and it is parsing the fields .. but concatenating in the table incorrectly.


      I am getting the detail fields in one table row .. but what I would have previously thought to be the append data for that detail row .. this append info ends up in the next table row with the next Detail fields.


      Is there any good document or place that defines how the append data is tied to what detail data .. as the HELP is no help ...



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          Olly Bond

          Hello DJ,


          If you change the template type from Append to Footer, the data should be appended to the Detail _above_ instead of _below_. You might want to look into making the Append or Footer template be Cleared By the Detail template - depends on your data.


          Best wishes,



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              djbeam _

              Olly .. thank you for your comments and suggestions .. re Append I am still confused ...


              Can I use an example ....


              If the "report" has the following syntax where there is a field somewhere per line ...





              ... blank line ....






              ... ends up as a table that is


              detail#1.1          null                  null

              detail#1.2          append#1.1       append#2.1


              and append#1.2 and append#2.2 are not in the table ..


              what am I missing to get the associated ".1" fields together ????