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    Deleting a project

    djbeam _

      I have tried to delete a project .. and cannot find how to do it .. I have gone to the HELP and it was no Help


      If someone has discovered the key to this secret .. could you help this old man .. with the gem ..



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          Olly Bond

          Hello DJ,


          Assuming you are running desktop Monarch, and aren't drowning in the quicksand of the Digital Object Repository in Automator, then deleting a project is simple. Open Windows Explorer, browse to the relevant folder, delete the xprj or dprj file in question.


          The project contains three bits of information: what report(s) to open, what model to apply, and what export(s) to perform. That's it. Deleting the project is perfectly safe - the reports and models and any exports you have run already won't be affected.


          Best wishes,