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    Modeler V12 - export summary with filter

    Nancy10 _

      In previous versions of Monarch, I was able to export a summary with a filter applied.

      In Modeler V12 (, there is a particular summary, which has a filter, that I'd like to export.

      But when I select Export from the ribbon and select the summary to export, the Filter dropdown is grayed out.


      Any ideas what I'm missing?

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          Eamon Donoghue

          Hi Nancy,

          Without sight of your Project / Model and sample data, nothing obvious comes to mind.

          However, if I were debugging one of my own projects to solve this problem, I would consider the following steps:


          Make sure that this Summary doesn't already have a filter applied.  I think this would probably (i.e. should!) prevent you from adding a further filter at the Export stage.


          Take a close look at the filter in question.  Have any of the fields used in the filter been renamed, 're-typed' or deleted?

          This could include a calculated field which has dependencies elsewhere in the model.


          Upgrade to V12.4 - the current version includes a number of updates which may have addressed any issues related to this problem - or at least may provide a more meaningful indication of potential conflicts or dependencies. From my own experience, I would recommend this upgrade as a matter of course.  I'm currently using V12.4 and I'm very happy with it.


          I hope this helps.  If it's possible to share the model and some sample data, for example via a PM, I would be happy to take a closer look.


          Best regards,


          Monarch Experts

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              Nancy10 _

              Apparently, this behavior was a fluke because when I went back to look at it again, the Filter dropdown was no longer grayed out. I've also been able to apply a filter to a summary and export successfully (without using the advanced options). This didn't work either a few days ago.


              Your suggestion to upgrade to 12.4 is well taken. Thank you!