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    Trapping Address Block

    Topher Schlatter

      Just upgraded to Modeler from Monarch and am working to convert models.  I'm have a challenge with trapping address blocks.  Monarch used a <ZIP> trap and Modeler does not recognized the trap feature (why not... is a cool feature).  I need help with constructing the trap.  See below an example:


      % MARK WENDT               

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        • Re: Trapping Address Block
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Topher,


          The ZIP trap was OK but somewhat limited especially on a Global use basis for Multi-Nationals.


          The Address Block feature offers much more potential and deals with awkward situations that the Zip trap had no answer for.


          The User Guide should have a comprehensive section covering how it works for most situations. (There are a few advanced things you can do if necessary that would have to be looked at on an as and when needed basis rather than make an attempt to describe them in the documentation.)


          You need to identify whether all the addresses you are likely to come across have the same number of lines. If they do (rare but possible) it's an easy task usually.


          If they don't things can be made smart to understand how to work with the variable number of lines.


          Rather than repeat the content of the User/Training Guide I would suggest you work though it if you have not already done so and then ask questions here if you get stuck on anything. That could save you a lot of time.



          I hope that helps in some way.