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    Display Table Without Aggregating

    Rahul Bevinahal



      Question is simple but I haven't been able to achieve the desired output.


      I want to display table without any sort of aggregation.


      Table has columns - Date, Holiday Description, Country.


      Please help.




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          Rahul Bevinahal

          I found a page on how to achieve this.


          Create a new column (type string) with unique row numbers. This column should be used for breakdown


          But how I want to know if I can delete rows from the table? This should reflect in the KDB table as well.

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              RalphB _

              Hi Rahul,


              Monarch is designed to not delete any data that way it maintains the integrity of the original file.


              What you can do is set a filter to select all the rows that have desired data in a field.  That way you would only see the data you want.


              Does this help?



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                  Olly Bond

                  Hello Ralph,hello Rahul,


                  I suspect this might be a Designer query rather than Modeler/Monarch. Manually hiding or deleting individual rows isn't (I think) possible, so you're right that defining a filter will be required. I think the easiest way might be at the original definition of the new data source in Designer. I think Modeler's filter functions are so powerful and simple that it might be easier to prep the table in Modeler and then export it to Designer?


                  Best wishes,



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                      Rahul Bevinahal

                      Thanks all for your input.


                      I know the filter options. But what I am looking for exactly is -


                      1) User enters 3 parameters (ric, startDate, endDate) say


                      (ABC.HK, 2014.09.01, 2014.09.30), (ABC.HK, 2014.08.01, 2014.08.30),(DEF.HK, 2014.09.01, 2014.09.30), (DEF.HK, 2014.08.01, 2014.08.30)


                      4 combinations of parameters.


                      I am trying to achieve this in designer. Each time user hits submit combination should be stored locally.


                      2) For each combination run a kdb function i.e. GetData[ric;sDate;eDate]


                      3) Display the result for each combination in a line graph


                      4) User should be able to delete a combination of parameters, say user deletes (ABC.HK, 2014.08.01, 2014.08.30). This should cause the graph to update - so that only 3 lines are visible.



                      Is this possible? If so, can this be shared across all the dashboards?


                      If possible, please send a sample sheet to my email id.




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                          Theo Klemming

                          Hi Rahul


                          What you describe above is not possible to achieve, if you want the end user to be able to provide any chosen number of sets of ric, sDate and eDate. If you can accept using a fixed number of sets, say 3 sets, it should be feasible. Also, you would probably have to accept that removing one of the sets (combinations) will have to be done using in-memory filtering. To achieve that filtering with unambiguous results, you would also need to introduce an ID for each set/combination.


                          This would require the definition of 9 different paramters (for 3 sets):











                          Your KDB+ query would need to make a union of three data sets that are retrieved using for example a function like GetData[{ric1};{sDate1};{eDate1}] and GetData[{ric2};{sDate2};{eDate2}] and GetData[{ric3};{sDate3};{eDate3}]


                          Note above how parameters that are referenced in your data connection settings or query are in curly brackets.


                          Also, your query or function should create a column that contains an ID value that makes it possible to separate the three sets, even in those cases where the ric values are the same and/or the time spans are overlapping.

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                    Theo Klemming

                    In Designer 12.4.2, right-click the data table panel and add a unique key to the table.

                    Use that new column in the breakdown.

                    To remove specific rows from display, right-click the rows and select "Filter out".