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    Monarch 10.5 Abosolute Reference

    lcwalker _

      Still on the old software, so I hope someone can help.  Is it possible to do an abosulte row reference for a 'cell' value in Monarch 10.5?  For example.  I want to compare the value in Row(1) "Patient Number" with the value in Row(2) "Patient Number".  If they are the same I'd like to do some calculations with a Forumula Based calculated field.  This is done pretty easily in Excel, so I would imagine Monarch can do it as well.  Please let me know if i need to clarify.

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          Olly Bond

          Hello LC,


          Yes, you can, but not as easily as in Excel. Some techniques that might help are in this webinar: http://www.datawatch.com/video/invisible-data-advanced-techniques-for-datawatch-modeler/


          Do you want to compare row(N) always with row(N-1)? What do you do with Row 1? Or if you want to compare Row(N) with Row(N+1), what do you do with the last row?


          Essentially, the easiest technique is to get the filtered and sorted data into a table, add two calculated fields (Rowno() and Rowno()+1) export it as an Access MDB file, then make an

          external lookup to this, joining Rowno() with Rowno()+1 or vice versa.


          But assume you'll get a null lookup at either the top or the bottom of your data (just like you would in Excel, BTW).


          Best wishes,



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              lcwalker _

              Ah, my good friend Olly. Long time no see. Thanks for the response. It would be Row(N) with Row(N-1), starting at Row(2) with null values in the first row; data sorted by patient number then admit date. I'm trying to track readmissions by comparing the discharge date of Row(N) with the admit date of Row(N-1). I'll have a look at the webinar and see where it takes me.