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    Monarch 11 - Repeating Detail Level

    Emmanuel Navarrete

      Hello, I'm using Monarch 11 and I need a way of repeating the detail level as needed in the data. What I mean is, I have a very large text file. My detail level are the client's loan numbers. Many loans, but not all, have data on lines that begins "3LLA008XXX" with "XXX" being the data occurance, "001", "002", "003", all the way until potentially "081". What I would like is for the loan numbers to repeat as necessary in order to retrieve all of this data. So Monarch needs to look for line 3LLA008, then if it exists, it needs to pull the data from each line and assign it to a new instance of the same loan number. At the end, the spreadsheet should look like:



      The way I have it set up, I have the loan numbers as my detail level, and then I have a Group Footer that traps "3LLA008". Unfortunately, this is only pulling the last occurence of the data because the detail level does not repeat.


      Any help that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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          Olly Bond

          Hello Emmanuel,


          If you can post a sample of the report, or email it, it will be easier to advise accurately. But a couple of tips might be generally helpful - use the Detail template for the most granular level of data, use Appends for any data that appears above the relevant Detail line, and Footer for data that appears below.


          In your case, it sounds like the Advanced Field Options might help - if the 3LLA008 data appears on some relevant Detail lines, then you could set blank values of this to repeat the value from previous records.


          To get an idea of how that works, you could use Lesson10.xmod and Classic.prn from the sample files, and look at the "Media" field from the Detail template there.


          If you want a model built to solve your issue, we can do it, and go through it for you in a webex if that helps.


          Best wishes,