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    Are there size limits on dashboard detail drilldown reports?

    mikell _

      We are still using v11.5.  We have one dashboard report which shows a particular total for our clients. We also have a linked dashboard for this report. That linked dashboard shows details for the top level summary dashboard.

      Clicking on the linked report line (with different totals) will pop up the detail level report with the same number of detail lines as the total, with vastly differing times. Both reports are sourced by sql queries running in the DatawatchES database on pre-mined tables. The time it takes to display the detail dashboard (report) varies greatly, based on the size, ranging from about 4 seconds for 7k to almost 2 minutes for 70k. A size of 170k will not return detail at all. Running the detail report query in SSMS will take less than 10 seconds for the 170k data.  I would have no problem running similar reports in SSRS.

      Is anyone aware of size limits in DatawatchES (v11.5.57.24)?

      This is a really huge issue for our larger clients.