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    Problem with up-converting Monarch project from v8 to v11.1

    Alan LaQuay



      I am new to this forum and relatively new to Monarch as well so any assistance will be greatly appreciated!


      I have inherited a Monarch (Pro) project that was built in version 8, but needing to move to a new server that has Monarch Pro v11.1 installed.


      When trying to convert the model and project using the Monarch Utility, I'm getting three entries in the process log, first is a failure on the .prj file, with the message "Unable to load model". The second entry is for the .mod file which is successful and generates a .xmod file. The third entry again uses the .prj file and states it was successful, however what it lists for the destination path is not created, and the original base name for the file is repeated in the destination file name (i.e. source is "Filename.prj" and the destination file is "FilenameFilename.prj".


      I've tried going through some previous related questions on the forum, but had not seen anything with this particular issue.


      Any hints as to what's going on and how to resolve?


      Thanks in advance for anything anyone can offer!

      -- Alan