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    Python - pyro server

    David Samhat

      Has anyone been able to get the python scripting functionality working?  I can not get past getting my connection to work.  I have pyro server server on my machine but receive the following error message from Datawatch Desktop "invalid protocol version: 47". 

      Also, is a HMAC key required to make the connection? 




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          Theo Klemming

          I have had it working, but currently don't have it set up.

          I have an unfinished guide document in the making, which I'd be happy to share with you over email if you'd like to.


          Have you considered using R instead or Python for the task?

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              David Samhat

              Hi Theo.  Thanks for the response. Any type of documentation you can provide would be greatly appreciated!


              I am stuck using Python as the data I am trying to access within my company can only be accessed via python through some custom packages. We don’t have R setup to query this data type.  Thanks!