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    Modeler V12 User Feedback / Enhancement Request


      I have had feedback users about features in past versions of Monarch that they find are missing or more difficult in Modeler V12.  I hope this can serve as enhancement requests to Datawatch.  I'm also open to feedback on better ways to accomplish these tasks, and It's entirely possible that I'm missing something in the new version.


      - Verify is no longer an option in the Quick Access Toolbar.


      - It would be much easier to locate commands when setting up the Quick Access Toolbar if the commands were listed alphabetically.


      - Our standard practice is to run a verify on a model every time we use it, to help keep our confidence level high for data quality.  It now takes 4 clicks to verify a report:

      • Report Design
      • Run Report Verify
      • Start
      • When it’s done running, Accept


           All the more reason to allow this to go in the Quick Access Toolbar.

      - When running a report verify, the Ignore All option is missing.    On the example that I opened, the verify identified that there was non-blank character to the left of my field.  This happened to be in the report header.  Since I couldn't find an ‘ignore all’, I had to Ignore EVERY page.

      - We would like to be able to view multiple windows (such as summaries) at a time, just as we could in V11.


      - In V11, the project stored which windows were open when the project was saved. This is helpful, because over time models may have troubleshooting summaries added that do not need to be opened during normal monthly tasks. If the standard few spreadsheets that need to be reviewed open by default, then the overall task is quicker for the user.


      - The Template Editor in V11 listed the line number and position in the trapped data. This was very handy when working with fixed length input files that had a defined format.



      That's the list - for now. Looking forward to feedback from the community.

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          Olly Bond

          Hello Joey,


          Four clicks is a small price to pay for verification, IMHO, but yes, if it can be improved, let's do it. The Ignore All is more serious - I'll look into that. Tiling windows would be nice too - I had that prepping the screenshots for the webinar. I think that might be a 12.5 issue...


          Best wishes,