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    modeler read from HTTPS site?

    Nat Lo

      when i open the URL from web browser, it would prompt to input user credentials before i can see/download the file in listing.


      can modeler connect/read from this kind of HTTPS site?


      if no, what would you recommend?

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          Olly Bond

          Hello Nat, and welcome,


          I see from your profile that you have an email address at @datawatch.com - so I'm a little surprised that you're posting this in the public community? A few years ago, there was a user on the old www.monarchforums.com from Datawatch's technical support department. He'd post a question one week about Monarch v7, then the next week have something about v5. It was very annoying to be asked to help, for free, so that he could then fuflill the requests of users who were paying Datawatch for support...


          I would recommend all users to pay Datawatch for maintenance so that they benefit from upgrades and can keep Monarch compatible with Windows and Excel. But if users are looking for serious support for their models and projects from people who've actually worked with the software, and have a track record of helping over 5000 fellow users, I'd suggest they get in touch with Monarch Experts.


          Best wishes,