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    Monarch exports more records than there are in the table

    Gary Morris

      Hi folks,


      we have an (very) odd Monarch export issue. We use Monarch Pro v11.1 and run a large number of Monarch downloads to Excel via a batch job script/download.

      We have a model that exports more records than appear in the table for example:

      The model unfiltered contains several thousand records. The filter when applied and view as a table results in 800 records viewable on screen.

      If you manually export the table to Excel then 800 records are exported. However if you (on some pcs in my company) export via the batch job then more than 800 records are exported. In fact each time the download is run a differing amount of records are exported. The extra records range from 1 to as many as 5 and don't seem to repeat. None of these extra records should have exported as they are all filtered out when you look at the table.

      We have tested the download many times on 4 pcs in our team. It would appear that the issue only arises on 2 of them and even on these pcs the export is sometimes correct (maybe 1 in 7). I have seen this issue on just one other occasion and I am completely perplexed. My concern is that there may be other processes that have the same issue but have yet to be identified.


      I would really appreciate any comments assistance on this!


      Best Regards


      Gary Morris

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          Olly Bond

          Hello Gary,


          I'm afraid this is a known issue in 11.1 - at least it's been reported by a few users. I'm not sure what the underlying factors are - is your model reading from a database? Are there compund filters? Is there a sort order? Are there external lookups? Do any subsequent definitions (calculated fields, sorts, filters, joins) depend on fields from an external lookup?


          Two options - upgrade to v12, and I've certainly not heard of these problems beyond 11.5 - or break down the model. One problem - v11.5 or above prohibits using batch files unless you pay for an special licence.


          By "breaking down the model" I mean creating a new model for each possible step that's introducing the error. So the first model would be to open the data source, define the fields, and export to a local Access database. The second might be to filter this, and export again to a new local Access database. The third might be to bring in an external lookup, and again, create a local Access database...


          Sorry not to have better news,


          Best wishes,



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              Gary Morris

              Hi Olly,


              Many thanks for coming back so soon. I decided yesterday to rebuild the model from scratch (it was originally built several years ago). The export has been tested several times using the new model and the issue seems to have  een resolved. Thanks for the information below and we will take this on board for any future issues of this kind. To be fair you use Monarch very intensively in my company and this is only the second time I have seen this issue in 13 years.