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    Large text file into Monarch Pro ver 10.5 not picking up numeric -999,566,125,054.92000


      I have a large text file that i import into Monarch Pro ver 10.5 where it does not pick up a numeric quantity which is on two rows, meanng fractions are on the next line.  It did pick up the 433,874,945.08000

      Account        SEC          B212                         S/R

      999-99998     9306196     433,874,945          999,566,125,054

                                              .08000                    .92000-


      Is there a limit for numeric field because the S/R quantity that it should pick up is negative -999,566,125,054.92000 ?



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          Olly Bond

          Hello Yaneckc and welcome,


          Zou can trap the data using a two line sample and clean it up using string field functions and then convert it to numeric using val(), but you might still hit a limit.


          Monarch is limited to the Integer format, which means that the data length for a numeric field is always 18 characters. So a number like 12345678.90 is represented in database speak as "000001.23456789E8" - trust me, this makes some kind of sense if you want to do quick and efficient floating point arithmetic for most common purposes, like adding up sales of widgets. It's not much use when you want to divide 1,000,000,000,000,000 by 0.0000001 - or if you're reconciling multi-trillion YEN and WON positions between banks trading in Asia.


          There are two options - asking the Bank of Japan to knock a couple of zeroes off the currency would be the most attractive - or we could start using more powerful data formats like the SQL Big Integer format. This is possible, now that Modeler v12 uses local SQL as its data engine, but I-m afraid that I don't have any insight into the roadmap for new features. If you need this feature, please do drop me an email, and I'll add your voice to the chorus asking for it, and send it to the VP of product development...


          Best wishes,