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    Adding data to an existing tab

    Jenifer Taylor

      I am attempting to add data to an existing Excel 2007-2010 tab in a spreadsheet from Monarch v11.  This worked great at first.  Then I had to change the format of what was being exported.  I recreated the export and now instead of adding to the tab, Monarch creates a new tab with a suffix of 1 to my spreadsheet.  This causes me to cut/paste the data to the tab that I want appended.  Has anyone experienced this and have you found a solution to correct it?  Thanks!

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          MelaSarenas _

          Hi Jennifer,


          That is the expected behavior of Monarch as it checks the existing Excel file first before doing an export.  Since you changed the format of the Excel file, Monarch creates a new worksheet instead of appending.   Maybe you can recreate the Excel file by importing it in Monarch, exporting the table as is to a new Excel file.  Then you can try using the new file for succeeding exports.