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    Monarch 10.5 Crashes on Export

    Sam Chambers

      I'm using Monarch 10.5 on Windows 7 Enterprise (64-bit), working with a rather large TXT file, about 612,000 lines. The data model is fine, and the template completes verification with no stops.


      When I try to export the resulting table, Monarch stops responding as soon as I hit the Next button on the "Description: Export the table data" screen in the export wizard.  There are no filters, and I'm not changing the sort order.


      I've tried several times, and even let it sit for 20 minutes, but there's no change.


      Any idea what's going on here?

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          Olly Bond

          Hello Sam,


          Monarch 10 is limited to a 2GB table size by the JET technology underlying it. If your data loads in the table OK, which you can check by browsing to the bottom of the table, then it might be failing because you're trying to write beyond the limits of the output format. This might be 65,000 lines if XLS, for example. Monarch hanging on you instead of giving you a graceful error is what happens when you run XP software in an OS invented later. Monarch v12 supports larger data - it uses local SQL - and is available on a 15 day free trial should your budget be constrained.


          Best wishes,



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            RalphB _

            Sam, Monarch 10.5 can export out to Excel 2007 with an .xlsx extension.  Excel 2007 has 1 million row limit where exporting out to a file with a .xls extension only as 65,000 row capablility.  Give that a try.