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    extracting multi-line descriptions as single lines

    Dean Gwilliam

      Hi I've managed to extract this from a pdf using monarch pro 8


      desc    this    last

      Revenue    494957    339691

      Cost of sales    -242987    -173042

      Gross profit    251970    166649


      expenses    -68098    -34959


      expenses    -152673    -115783

      Operating profit    31199    15907

      Share of post tax       

      losses of joint        -3


      Finance income        16

      Finance expense    -850    -215

      Profit before tax    30349    15705

      Income tax       

      (expense)/credit    -8070    -4856

      Profit after tax       

      and total       


      income    22279    10849

      attributable to       

      owners of the       



      I'm wondering if I could use monarch to turn the multi-line descriptions into single line ones given that the numbers aren't always on the last line of the description i.e.

      please contrast



      expenses    -68098    -34959




      Share of post tax       

      losses of joint        -3



      Also some of the headings start after a blank line but not always,


      Also I'd like to tell monarch....only to look x lines down from the sample line

      Btw the numeric fields above are the 3rd and 6th numeric fields.

      As stated you never quite know which of the multi-line description lines they will appear on.


      I'd have posted the pdf but couldn't see how


      Any help much appreciated