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    Using File() Function to define a field containing Excel Table name

    ARICE01 _

      Does anyone know of a way  to define a field as the Excel Table name Using File() Function.  I have an Excel workbook (Excel file) which contains many Worksheets (Tables).  I would like to define a field with same name as the Excel Table.  For example the Excel file name is 2014_Budget.xlsx, and contains 3 Tables (Jan Budget, Feb Budget, etc.) with identical formants.  I want to create Exports which export the data to a common Excel output file and can be distinguishable base on the Column (field) define as Month Budget

      Month Budget  Account   Amount

      Jan Budget        Sales            1000

      Jan Budget        Expense        900

      Feb Budget        Sales           1100

      Feb Budget        Expense        950


      Any Ideas?



        • Re: Using File() Function to define a field containing Excel Table name
          Olly Bond

          Hello Al,


          I don't think that is possible yet, but it's a very good idea for a future feature that should be easy to implement and would be helpful.


          Similar to File() we should have Table() which can return the worksheet or range name from Excel, as well as the table from Access or from an ODBC source.


          This could then be used a calculated field, then as a key field in summaries, and be exploited when writing out exports.


          I hope that Datawatch will respond to confirm when this might be implemented.


          Best wishes,