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    Installed Trial Version of Modeler

    DD _

      Long story short. Installed a trial version of modeler did not like it nor did I have time to learn so I uninstalled it as it is very different then v10 professional. It messed up all of my icons that I was so use to seeing (models, projects, etc.) Does anyone know where those icons are stored so I can reinstate those icons as the defaults for those file extensions? 


      Any help would be great.



      Thank you in advance

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          Bob Reed

          Hi DD,


          One way you can resolve the issue is by going into Add/Remove programs.  From there, select the program with the missing icon and choose to "repair".



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            DataExploiter _

            FYI, I have V11.08 and 12.04 on my machine. They work fine together. Not sure if that applies to the free download. When I switched to V11 from V10 I was “HOPPING MAD”.  I absolutely loved V10. Now I would never go back to the less powerful versions V10 or V11. But I still keep V11 on my desktop along with V12. My new work requires the expanded power of V12.


            Datawatch should put out a quick video on the major functionality changes from V10/V11 to V12. It would be simple and they could provide on request.The changes are tiny but when you’re in a rush it can be killer, frustrating. For me it was well worth the upgrade to V12.


            Good luck


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                I hope you don't mind me asking, but what is there in Modeler V12 that makes it more powerful? I'm assuming you are not talking about Desktop and the Panopticon features.  I have a discussion on here about several missing features that make V12 difficult to use. If there are some power features that I have not discovered, I would love to know that. I'm looking for any help to convince our users that this upgrade is a step forward and not backwards.

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                    Olly Bond

                    Hello Joey,


                    Modeler is built on local SQL, so can handle larger files, more fields, etc than Monarch, which was built using the Access Database Engine. Some of the benefits of this transition will be support for more data types - e.g fixed precision integers - which weren't supported in Access.


                    Hope this helps,



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                      DataExploiter _



                      I agree there should be a quick start video for those migrating from  versions prior to V12.The changes at the end may be small but will crush anyone with expertise in prior versions expecting adding a filter, calculated field, lookup or model are exactly the same.  I’m guessing those change were made to improve performance.


                      Yes the Panopticon features even if you only use tables, pivots, filtering, summaries, or table joins does make data analysis powerful. But for me V12 alone has made certain features now a must have.  I need the additional lookups, more fields in my table, ability to work with larger projects, stability  and improved performance. I’m sure there are other improvements but those are the most important (for me) that come to mind.