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    Issue with exports viewed via COLD system

    Rebekah T

      Anyone experiencing difficulty viewing output through COLD system?

      I create .txt reports out of DataPump/Automator (v 10.5) and we import them into our COLD system (Nautilus - a Hyland product) - since our recent COLD upgrade, I cannot access the reports from my desktop through the COLD system.

      Reports can be viewed from the Nautilus server, but not user desktops. Our tech services suspect that it is a Monarch/DataPump issue - an imbedded object -  creating the problem. We had to install an updated mrwfil32.dll file during our recent Nautilus upgrade to support Monarch data-mining.  We went from DLL v7.1.0.516 (date modified 8/16/2007) to v12.1.0.651 (date modified 4/16/2014).

      Notepad error: "Cannot find the C:\Users\569\AppData\Local\Temp\RELF453 930.txt file.

      Do you want to create a new file?"


      All responses result in the same Ole Viewer Information error:

      "All attempts to create an integrated viewer window for the requested document have failed.

      This will only occur if the file type has no registered OLE server available that supports in place activation.

      In addition, the file extension (*.xls) does not have an external application configured to display this file type.

      No viewer can be created for this file type at this time."

      Although we are currently researching from the COLD perspective, we wondered if anyone else has had a similar experiece.

      Thank you,

      Rebekah T