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    what is difference between Monarch  and datawatch?

    sree b

      what is difference between Monarch  and datawatch?

      i'm a beginner for datawatch where can i find the  details?

      any tutorial for this?

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          Olly Bond

          Hello Sree,


          Datawatch Desktop combines two products - Designer and Modeler. Modeler is what used to be called Monarch - it's a tool that lets you extract data from just about any source. Monarch was never very good at making charts or graphs from the data - most of us just used to export the results into Excel and make the graphs there. A year ago, Datawatch bought Panopticon, and that software has become Designer. Now, you can get "data at rest" from anywhere (using Modeler), and bring it into Designer where you can turn it into interactive dashboards. Designer has a strong background in the financial markets,and so is also able to combine "data at rest" (like Excel files, database lookups) with "real-time data" (from streaming feeds like market prices). So you can make a dashboard that is always up to date with the latest information.


          If you'd like a tutorial, there's a blog post I wrote a few years back (before Datawatch bought Panopticon) which takes you through the steps of capturing report data in Monarch and making a dashboard in another tool. It's here: Greenbar Analytics - A worked example - I promise to update it soon with Modeler and Designer...


          Best wishes,



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            DataExploiter _

            Hi Sree


            Datawatch desktop is like having Monarch/Modeler on steroids and more. I say this for many reasons.


            First, my Monarch/Modeler background started with the first job out of college. I’ve been using consistently for almost 20 years starting with Monarch V2 for DOS. It came on one diskette probably before your birth, ha. Creative use of Monarch enabled me to excel working at multiple Fortune 300 companies.


            I was never into visualization. But with Datawatch desktop data captured in Monarch/Modeler can be brought into Designer. Once in Designer the ability to discovery/innovate will increase exponentially. It’s the in memory speed with massive data sets that can be aggregated, sorted, filtered, identify outliners or opportunities. Monarch/Modeler can filter, sort, create summaries, calculated fields or join to other tables but not near the lighting speed of thought in designer or ease to create new data sets. This speed and ease use allows you to discover/innovate that was not as powerful with Monarch. So, even if you don’t see a need to create a scatter plot or tree map to discover outliners the powerful in memory speed to create custom tables, filters, functionality of the layout in designer makes to move more than justified. Furthermore, Monarch was improved with Modeler with additional lookups, maximum number of fields, templates and performance.


            I was not a believer until I started to attack complex data projects and discovered new opportunities that were not obvious or possible before using Datawatch Desktop.


            I’ve been reading this board for years and if I had a project that required challenging data extraction, difficult transformation and analysis that seems impossible I would call Olly. I never met Olly; don’t live in Europe but HIS YEARS OF PROVEN CONTRIBUTION AND OUTSTANDING SOLUTIONS MAKE HIM A UNIQUE MUST HAVE PERSON to reach out to.


            Good Luck