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    Why does Modeler v12 run so slowly?

    Don Troglio

      Upgraded from Monarch v9, then upgraded to win 7 64 bit with 12g of ram.  Modeler still runs miserable slow.  Any ideas on settings to improve performance?

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          Olly Bond

          Hello Don,


          There's a setting for logging - I think it's in the registry but might be available in Options - which can be set to verbose. This can write a text file every Modeler session which times different tasks that Modeler is doing (getting a lock on the file, reading the detail template, reading the appends, preparing the table view, building the summaries, etc).


          The basic difference between Monarch and Modeler (from a performance viewpoint) is that the old Monarch v9 used the Microsoft JET engine to shift data around. This meant that Monarch stored data internally as an Access database (mdb) file, limited to 2GB, 254 fields etc. Monarch v11 replaced JET with the Access Database Engine, (ADE), but Modeler, or Monarch v12, installs a local SQL database "localdb". This dramatically increases the size of data you can handle.


          It should perform faster too - especially on large data files. To help benchmark, I can send you a million row sample report, if you like, of anonymous data? Then if you open this with Lesson11.dmod and time how long it takes to load the table, we'll have a feel for your system.


          Best wishes,