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    Footer template is also picking up as detail

    txstar _

      I am an amateur user on Monarch 11.2.  I have a simple CSV report that I've created a very simple one line detail template with a floating trap for.  The last TOTAL line of the report is structured exactly like the detail records, with the addition of some quotes around the amounts.  I thought by making my total SALES line a Footer Template, it would know not to include that line in the detail.  Not so.

      It wants to include that record in the detail as well as the Footer.  What can you do?  I am only interested in capturing the data on the Sales line, but not the Last Sales line that is the Total. Thanks for any suggestions.

      Card Type: VOYAGER,,,            






      Total All Cards,,,               





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          Olly Bond

          Hello TxStar,


          You're almost there - but you'll need a couple more small steps to get this to work.


          I'm assuming that you've got the Sales line defined as a Detail template?


          And that all the records have a Card Type above them?


          And that one Card Type only has one Sales line?


          Thjen you can trap the Card Type as an Append, Cleared By.the Detail, and the last Sales line can be filtered out as the Card Type field will be null.


          Hope this helps,